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General Electric Bets on the 3D Printing of Electronics and Metals

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It wasn't General Electric's largest deal of late, but it was a significant one.  The investment into New Mexico based Optomec, a company which produces 3d printers that make electrical and high end metal components, could provide General Electric with a leg up in their energy, healthcare and internet of things endeavors.

"These systems allow customers to print integrated electronics onto plastic, ceramic, and metallic structures at extremely fine resolutions," writes The Motley Fool. "This technology enables the high-volume production of 3D-printed antennas and sensors that are tightly integrated with an underlying product ranging from smartphones to industrial components."

GE invested alongside Autodesk, a company which has bet big on 3d printing of late. 

Optomec's Aerosol Jet, which 3d prints electrical components, gives General Electric and other users the ability to add electronics to existing structures, while their Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) 3d printer lets users 3d print complex metal components onto existing structures.

GE Wind Turbine

To learn more about the Aerosol Jet's electrical 3d printing capabilities, watch the video below:

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