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3D Printing Fully Customized Watches Made in the US

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Two years ago Vortic Watches launched their first collection, based on the idea that customers could pick out the pieces to their watch and Vortic would build them on-demand.  Now, the company is doubling down on the idea with a watch made possible by 3d printed titanium casings.

"The Journeyman Series by the Vortic Watch Company is an entirely new, customizable, American made watch that draws inspiration from the United States’ original great watch manufacturers," the company writes. "This refreshingly classic, yet innovative new line of 3D printed titanium watches is Vortic’s first foray into the world of modern watch manufacturing. The name, 'Journeyman,' represents Vortic’s apprenticeship to the craft of watchmaking as well as the literal journey to bring watch manufacturing back to the United States."

vortic watches

According to Vortic, all the cases for the Journeyman Series are 3d printed in New Jersey, with post-processing and assembly done in Colorado.  The company expects to begin shipping in early 2017, once its Kickstarter - which has already been funded - is over with.

Customers choose their own watch faces, dials and bands to create their customized piece, and once that's complete, the manufacturing begins.  It's all part of a new method of production which allows companies to make things as they're ordered, as opposed to stocking hundreds or thousands of pre-assembled products in their inventory.

"As a business, we’ve learned that manufacturing is not as simple as giving your designs to someone and asking them to make it," the company writes. "Going from concept to final product is a long process of working with suppliers on design, revisions, prototypes, etc. Assuming that everyone has access to similar machinery, why is it that some facilities perform better than others? The answer is that the individuals who run those machines are the most important factor in creating a quality product."

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