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Airwolf Releases Massive AXIOM 20 3D Printer

Posted by Ernie Adams on

One of the most trusted names in 3d printing has just released a machine that prints massive objects.  Objects as large as 12.5x12.5x20 (in) can be made on Airwolf's new AXION 20 3d printer, which is designed mainly for industrial usage.
"One of the biggest challenges with designing a high-performance 3D printer of this size was getting the Z-axis to work correctly over 20 inches of travel with 20-30 lb. sitting on it," says Erick Wolf, a founding member of the Airwolf team.
"We redesigned the bed bracket system and switched from plastic and polycarbonate parts to all aluminum and steel components. Plus, the Z-axis now has a precision ball screw to provide high repeatability, zero backlash, and extreme precision."

airwolf axiom 20

Like Airwolf's other 3d printers, the machine has an enclosed build volume,which helps with smell, noise and other safety issues.  It prints in a very wide range of materials, including plastics, nylons and flexible materials, and the system automatically levels the build plate before each print.
The machine comes with a price tag of $9,995, making it a good example of industrial 3d printers that have come down in price over the last 5 years, which in turn is making 3d printing technology accessible to small businesses that were priced out of the market previously.

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