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FDA Sees Opportunity for Personalized Medicine with 3D Printing

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The FDA threw its weight behind personalized medicine and medical devices made with 3d printing on Thursday.

The regulatory body went to Capitol Hill and released their scientific research on 3d printed medical devices which have already been cleared for use, providing a more solid foundation from which to make their point that one size does not fit all when it comes to medicines and medical devices such as implants and surgical instruments.

“With patient-specific devices, there are a lot of areas where people have been thinking about doing this, but it’s been cost prohibitive or technologically prohibitive, and 3D printing has opened up a lot of those doors,” James Coburn, the principal investigator for the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health said on Thursday.

3d printed medical implant

35 3d printed devices have already been cleared by the FDA for use and the agency regulatory body that governs our food and drugs expects that number to grow moving forward.

Personalized medicines can provide a more patient specific dose based on the body's makeup, and the US Army is experimenting with a similar idea to feed its soldiers by providing them with personalized meals.

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