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Major League Baseball Turns to 3D Printing for Batting Title Trophies

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Every year, the top hitters in each league receive a trophy from Major League Baseball noting their accomplishments as having the two highest batting averages in the sport.

It's an honor that's been bestowed on some of the games icons, including Ted Williams, Roberto Clemente and George Brett.

Future winners will receive trophies that are made using Major League Baseball's 3d scanning imagery, in use since 2007, and 3d printing tech.

mlb 3d printing trophies batting title

The MLB turned to a company called Scansite to create the American League and National Leage batting title trophies, appropriately for Rod Carew in the AL and Tony Gywnn NL.

"We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such a distinguished institution as Major League Baseball," said Scansite's Lisa Federici. "But the real reward came from the joy expressed by the Carew and Gwynn families and seeing the faces in the crowd react at the ballpark."

The company had just two weeks to create the new trophies at Baseball's request so they took the scanning imagery from MLB, which included the swings of both Carew and Guinn, extracted the data and then 3d printed an exact replica of those beautiful swings.  From those 3d prints Scansite created a mold and the trophy was cast in bronze from that mold.

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