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Miami Art Museum 3D Prints a Cafe for Their Visitors

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The Perez Art Museum in Miami wanted to mix food and art with an actual artistic installation, so they 3d printed a cafe that will serve coffee and signature sandwiches at the museum.
Dubbed Cucuyo, the cafe was 3d printed using stainless steel by MX3D, a robotics firm based in the Netherlands famous for 3d printing complex structures such as bridges and buildings.
"We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind piece that served the community and provided another option to museum patrons and locals while complementing the architecture and design of the museum," says Adelee Cabrera of Starr Catering Group, which manages Cucuyo at the museum.
3d printed cafe cucuyo
The cafe was designed by Florida based Berenblum Busch Architecture, which worked to make the cafe easy to disassemble so that it can be used in any portion of the museum by visitors.  It was designed and printed with proper plumbing and electrical configurations to ensure the cafe was not only beautiful to look at, but highly useful to patrons.
“It was a challenge to design a piece that was not only lightweight and easily disassembled for relocation but also fully functional,” BBA's Claudia Busch says.
The 700 pound 3d printed cafe will be located at the Perez Art Museum for a long time to come.

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