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Nano Dimensions Closing In on Putting Electronics 3D Printer on Your Desk

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Ask 10 different people what the limits of 3d printing currently are and you'll most likely receive 10 different answers.

One answer will soon be the 3d printing of electronics on your desktop.

Thanks to Nano Dimensions, the same company working to perfect stem cell 3d printing, PCB boards will be easily customizable and 3d printed using a machine the size of a small office copy machine.  PCB boards, if you're wondering, connect and organize all the electrical components for your devices, allowing them to power up and run properly.

Today, Nano Dimensions announced it's put the finishing touches on the software application for its DragonFly 3d printer.

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the development of the initial version of our 3D printer software which presents a new dimension for creating and designing electronic circuits,” said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension. “In order to minimize production time, Nano Dimension strives to provide its customers a comprehensive solution to 3D print multilayer PCB prototypes: our novel 3D printer, advanced conductive and dielectric nano-inks, and now – an advanced software package for the management, editing and printing of electronics files. The software is designed to allow the engineer to create the production files for automat 3D printing, with no intermediate files."

The printer provides a 20 x 20 cm build volume for users that want to prepare their files for electronic circuitry and print them on demand.

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