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New 3D Printing Pen by Desktop Leader XYZPrinting for $50

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One of the leading companies behind desktop, consumer 3d printing is launching a 3d printer pen for the same cost as a nice iPhone case.

XYZPrinting announced today that for $50, people who want to test their drawing skills in three dimensions can do so with "non-toxic PLA filament" at the "push of a button."

The most popular 3d printing pen to date has been the 3Dooddler, which users have expressed mix reviews about.  While XYZPrinting has been focused on desktop 3d printers for a few years now, with a fair amount of success - including a partnership with Barnes and Noble to sell their printers in store - they believe a lower price point with practical capabilities can make this new pen a hit with consumers.

"The release of the da Vinci 3D Pen has meaningful implications for the future of 3D printing and consumer technology overall," said Simon Shen, CEO of XYZprinting. "3D printing technology is becoming more attainable for the average user who can now access advanced technology at a reasonable price."

3d printing pens work by laying down layers of plastic which extrude out of the tip of the pen tool, with the plastic cooling down rapidly so the user can draw layer on top of layer to create any design they like.

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