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New MOD-t 3D Printer Set for Release After Success of 1st Gen

Posted by Spencer Steele on

After one of the most successful launches of a desktop 3d printer, New Matter is releasing an updated version of their MOD-t.
The MOD-t, which was released in 2014 and priced very competitively, became among the most purchased 3d printers in America with schools and families since that time. 
Part of the success was derived because the experts at Frog Design oversaw the draw up of the printer, and notably, the team at New Matter released the machine with wifi based 3d printing, which has become standard since then.  They were early.
All of this made for a machine that could be easily used in homes and schools, and although it printed in one material and lacked true speed, it would set the standard for what people like about desktop 3d printing when they're trying to learn the technology without having to spend $500.
mod-t 3d printer
Since the release of the first MOD-t though, desktop printers have upped their game in connectivity, material range and ease of use, so the second version of New Matter's machine will be competing with 3d printers that incorporate much of the same technology as its own.  
“New Matter has always emphasized what others in the industry overlook – that ease of use is at the heart of practical value,” says Ethan Imboden from Frog, the infamous design firm that oversaw the initial MOD-t and will also work on the new release. “They provide a seamless path from digital creation to tangible build, and are always looking for opportunities to improve this experience. frog and New Matter’s shared commitment to human centered design is at the heart of our partnership in making elegant, simple and affordable 3D printing solutions available to all.”
mod-t 2nd generation functional prototype

It's hard to argue with the success of New Matter's first 3d printer because they did just about everything right, and because they focus on education and families, and not the industrial user, the 2nd generation MOD-t should help grow adoption of the technology.

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