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Pokemon Go iPhone Case Temporarily Suspended Due to Surging Demand

Posted by 3DPrint360 Staff on

If you were hoping to pick up one of the iPhone cases that instantly improves your Pokemon Go skills, you'll have to wait.

Austrailian based designer Jon Cleaver created a 3d printable case made for the iPhone that makes it easier to throw effective Pokeballs, which are the lifeblood of catching Pokemon monsters in the now famous mobile app.  Now, with demand for new cases outpacing Cleaver's ability to create them, he has temporarily shut down the Etsy shop selling the Pokemon cases.

"Due to an OVERWHELMING demand I need to close the store for a few days whilst I catch up with demands," Cleaver wries.  "Don't worry, I will be back in just a few days with more models designed, such as for Samsung phones, iPhones, and many more."

Pokemon Go 3d printed phone case

The cases have become one of the most successful examples of a 3d printed consumer good reaching the masses, and ironically, it wasn't released by a major brand but instead by an individual designer.

If you're wondering how the case helps users excel at Pokemon Go, listen to Cleaver.

"Having trouble throwing a straight ball in Pokemon Go? Swear you're throwing straight but the app keeps curving that ball? Look no further! Designed and printed by me using a 3D printer and ABS plastic, is the Pokeball Aimer. Perfect to get that straight shot!" 

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