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Star Wars Online Now 3D Printing Gamers' Starfleet

Posted by Ernie Adams on

If you've ever wanted your own personal Star Wars ship or Starfleet, you're in luck.

The video game Star Wars Online, which allows their users to choose from over 400 Star Wars ships to command during the game, has partnered with Eucl3D, a company that provides video game collectibles using 3d printing.

“Captains take pride in the way their ship performs as well as how it looks, and put in a lot of work to get the gear they need to get the output and the appearance they think perfects their adventure,” Stephen Ricossa, Executive Producer of Star Trek Online, told reporters. “The STO team understands that fact, and has been working hard to provide our captains with an opportunity to truly capture that invaluable crew member in a more permanent way.”

star wars online 3d printing toys

Their partner, Eucl3D, wants their customers to "have physical versions of their favorite characters, vehicles, buildings" from different video games they play, and are using full color 3d printers in the United States to create the new Star Wars ships for STO players.

Brands are looking for new ways to license their intellectual property, to take advantage of the advent of 3d printing, and allow their fans to engage with their products in new ways.

star wars online 3d printing toys

While some companies - including Hasbro and Viacom - have chosen to sell 3d printed toys online through normal web channels, this new collaboration from STO and Eucl3D lets customers purchase the memorabilia "in-game", or, while they're playing the video game.

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