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Top 3D Printing Stories This Week: 4/28

Posted by Spencer Steele on

Every Friday, we pick 3 of the week’s most interesting stories from the world of 3d printing.
If you want to understand how critical components are being made in advanced industries across the globe, check out the stories below — some that we published and some from other sources.
1. Siemens Set to Launch Global Platform to 3D Print Parts All Over the World, On-Demand
For years the German industrial giant Siemens has used its expertise in manufacturing and electronics to push the limits of 3d printing, including a test last year that produced fully functional gas turbine blades.  Read more.
siemens 3d printing
2. 3-Time Tour De France Winner Uses Titanium 3D Printing for 2017 Race
In 2016 cyclist Chris Froome because the first British 3-time winner of the Tour de France, but as his team began preparations for this year's race - set to begin July 1 - they wanted to give Froome an edge.  Read more.
3d printing bicycles tour de france
3. 3D Printing Metal at Your Office or Home is Getting a lot Easier
Desktop Metal revealed pricing and other details for its 3D printers today which can make objects out of hundreds of different alloys including steel, aluminum, titanium and copper. In terms of quality, the parts produced by Desktop Metal systems compare to injection-molded items, says the startup’s CEO and cofounder Ric Fulop.  Read more.
desktop metal 3d printing

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