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Top Stories From the Week in 3D Printing: Microsoft, Mt. Sinai and Oak Ridge

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Every Friday, ThreeD Materials picks 3 of the week's top stories from the world of 3d printing.  Some that we covered and some from other publications.
One of the more fantastical aspects of 3D printing, besides the ability to see your digital sketch become a physical object in front of your eyes, is that it can be done almost anywhere. As long as you have a printer, a power hookup, and plenty of raw material, your office, desk, or garage can become a small factory.
oak ridge national lab
Microsoft wants their mobile customers to be able to 3d print the objects around them directly from their phones.  So, today, the technology giant released the 3D Builder application for Windows phones.  Users can scan just about any object they want with the camera on their mobile device and the 3D Builder application will convert that scan into a 3d printable file.
windows 3d printing
Mount Sinai, one of the world's leading hospitals, announced today that it's making advanced 3d printing services available to its neurosurgeons, in a bid to provide them with new tools before going into surgery.

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