ASUS Gaming Card Introduces 3D Printed Parts

When ASUS announced the release of it's new gaming and graphics card this week, it released 3d printable files for the ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080 gaming component.

"ROG Strix graphics cards have a modular shroud that can be affixed with six swappable, 3D printable parts and a customizable illuminated logo to express your own unique style," the company wrote.  "When paired with an ROG Strix X99 Gaming motherboard, you can perfectly match customized parts to create a cohesive look that's truly one of a kind."

ASUS 3D Printing News

This product is designed for hardcore gamers that want streaming, virtual reality and powerful performance, with a quiet and cool output.  Now, with the help of Asus releasing the production files for part of it's board, the company's customers can customize their products as they compete against the tens of thousands of other gamers around the world.

Asus does note that once it's customer tinker with the board using customizable, 3d printed parts, the board is not covered under warranty because it can't be held responsible for the modifications.

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