Reflow Filament Takes on Ambitious Waste Challenge

On May 25th, the World Bank highlighted the economic and environmental opportunities of turning one of the most common forms of waste around the world into useable, reliable 3d printing filament.  As part of its ReFab Dar program, partners around the world are trying to make use of the 400+ tons of plastic waste made each day in a Tanzania.

 Reflow Filament Plastic Waste News

The partners involved in this project launched a company calledReFlow in an ambitious and commendable attempt to improve the lives of150 million waste pickers around the world and reduce the use petroleum based plastics that normally make up 3d printing filaments.

Reflow Filament News 

The goal is to produce a steady flow of plastic, a strong enough distribution network to offset global shipping costs and a brand that can push the filament.  That's where ReFlow comes in.

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