Stem Cell 3D Printing Being Advancing in Israel

Using plastics, nylons and metals to 3d print objects has already transformed the way companies around the world manufacture their prototypes and end use parts, but the printing of stem cells provides for a much more serious application of the technology - saving lives.

Nano Dimension, a company based in Israel, announced today that they've successfully tested a 3d printer that uses stem cells, making it very possible that human tissue and organs can be manufactured using 3d printing in the not too distant future.  Nano Dimension needed a company specializing in the development of high quality cells, so they turned to Accelta Ltd., also based in Israel.

"3D printing of living cells is a technology that is already playing a significant role in medical research, but in order to reach its full potential, for the field to evolve further, there is a need to improve printing speeds, print resolution, cell control and viability as well as cell availability and bio-ink technologies," said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension. "By combining our high speed, high precision inkjet capabilities with Accellta's stem cell suspension technologies and induced differentiation capabilities led by a world-renown group of experienced engineers and scientists, we can enable 3D printing at high resolution and high volumes."

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Nano Dimension is known for it's 3d printing of PCBs and other electronics, so it seems they're at the forefront of two significant technological advancements.   

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