Stratasys and Carbon Release New 3D Printers

There were two significant 3d printers that came to market recently, one from an existing powerhouse and the other from a startup promising to increase the speed of rapid prototyping exponentially.

Stratasys 3D Printing

First the veteran.  Stratasys launched their J750 3d printer, which notably prints in multiple materials and colors at once, and was beta tested by Otter Box, one of the world's largest phone case makers.

“Our main goal is to supply all the resources possible for the engineers to get their product onto the peg (store shelves) at the same time, if not before the device we’re making that product for launches,” Brycen Smith of OtterBox told reporters. “The J750 plays a huge role in that — not only from ideation and creation, but into our approval processes … really developing those new products, the new technologies, the new innovations OtterBox is known for.”

While there are printers which can produce multicolor parts, as well as parts made in metal, wood and other materials, the J750 combines over 300,000 color options and 6 types of plastic in one printing process.

The other big release in the past few days is the M1 printer from Carbon.  Carbon is arguably the most exciting jump in 3d printing technology in the past couple of years, promising to significantly speed up the 3d printing process and to provide stronger, more aesthetically pleasing prints.

Carbon 3D Printer News

The M1 printer, which will cost $40,000 per year for now, using a proprietary printing process known as CLIP (continuous liquid interface production), which is compatible with 7 different resin types and uses UV rays to create flexible, heat resistant, tough 3d printed parts.

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