SyFy Channel Offers Fans 3D Printed Merchandise

Last year, the Syfy channel teamed up with MakerBot to offer their fans memorabilia which could be downloaded and 3d printed anywhere on the planet. This was a nice step for officially licensed 3d printed toys and Syfy just announced they're expanding the offering.

3D Printed Merchandise Syfy Channel

“We’re excited not only to see the partnership between MakerBot and Syfy Labs grow, but also for the new designs that will be uploaded to Thingiverse, " said Eric Mortensen, Community Manager at Thingiverse, which is owned by MakerBot and hosts the Syfy files. "Since Syfy joined Thingiverse at the beginning of this year, they’ve reached nearly 1,000 followers who, among others, are no doubt excited to see what comes next.”

If you're a fan of Syfy's 12 Monkeys, and are particularly excited about Season 2 in April,  you can now have 3d printed items from the show, to go along with the existing items for their other programming titiles, including The Expanse,  Dark Matter, The Magicians, and Kill Joys.

The benefits of licensing 3d printable content include a faster time to market for new products, significant cost reductions for small-medium batch production runs and customization.  While large brands around the world have been slow to react to this new phenomenon - as they were with new forms of consuming music and film - the idea of making intellectual property licensed for 3d printing is catching on with media, toy and other Fortune 100 companies.  

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