How to 3D Print With PLA Filament Material

PLA is a biodegradable plastic and one of the most common materials used in 3d printing.

Just like all other materials you're using to 3d print things, it's important to get the extruder temperature correct when using PLA and we recommend a range 195C-215C for PLA based on your particular 3d printer.



If the temperature setting is too hot, you will notice the extruder is dispersing plastic which leaks instead of extruding cleanly onto the build platform layer by layer.  If this occurs, you'll want to decrease the temperature setting by 3-5 degrees celcius until you get the perfect print.

You are able to tell if the temperature setting is too cold if the layers are not sticking well to one another during the printing process. The best thing to do in this scenario is to increase your temperature setting by 3-5 degrees celsius until you get the perfect print.  

There are different ways to prepare the bed of your 3d printer for PLA and we recommend a layer of blue painters tape if you don't have a heated bed. If you have a heated glass build plate, heat it to 70C before printing.

PLA 3D Printer Filament Material

Lastly, if your first layer is not printing properly, check to ensure your build plate is level and that there's no debris on it from previous prints  This is very important to getting a good print.

ThreeD Materials PLA in black, white, red, blue, clear and plenty of other colors is available.

Happy printing and feel free to send us a note at with any printing questions.

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