How to 3D Print with ABS Filament Material

ABS filament is a high strength plastic material made for 3d printing and is one of the most popular plastics that 3d printers use.  

Just like all filament materials for 3d printing, it's important to get the extruder temperature correct when using ABS and we recommend 225C-245C.  It will be slightly different on each printer, so we recommend starting between 225C-230C and working up or down based on your results. 

One of the most important things to remember when using ABS is that if you're not using a completely smooth and heated print bed, your parts may warp doing the printing process.  This is because the plastic cools during the time it takes to finish the 3d print and the plastic tends to move as the temperature drops.  Make sure you've heated your print surface somewhere between 80-110C, and that the surface is smooth and clean.  This will save you a lot of headache.

Also, ABS filament materials tend to emit an odor during the 3d printing process, which some people don't like, so if you're using a small room, ensure you have proper ventilation and you won't have a problem.

You can find ThreeD Materials ABS in BlackBlue, RedWhiteClear and plenty of other colors

For many years, one of the biggest differences between ABS and PLA was their eco-friendliness.  ABS is considered a higher end plastic to engineers doing mechanical work, but since PLA is biodegradable and more eco-friendly, many 3d printer users would turn to PLA to avoid the headache of trashing old ABS prints and doing potential harm to the environment.  This was all recently changed when 3DPrintlife launched the world's first biodegradable ABS, offering 3d printer users the ABS they want with the environment benefits of PLA.

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