Airbus 3D Prints "Thor" Drone

European aerospace Giant Airbus recently tested an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which was completely 3d printed.  It is a scaled down version of a larger commercial jet and is meant to serve as a testing ground for 3d printing and building airplanes in the future.

Thor 3D Printing Airbus

The UAV took 4 weeks to print and assemble, according to Nick Hall over at 3DPrinting Industry.

"French aerospace giant Airbus has revealed THOR, an Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle that is completely 3D printed and points to a streamlined production method for passenger planes of the future. THOR took just four weeks to print and build and is far more than a simple drone. It’s a scaled-down test bed for design principles and the name stands for: Test of High-tech Objectives in Reality."

This is another example of Airbus's pursuit of 3d printing parts of its aircrafts, with lightweight durable materials.

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