Is North Korea Using Fake MakerBots to Start Businesses

At a recent trade show in Pyongyang, the capital of the world's most reclusive nation, a marketing flyer featuring an early version of a MakerBot  3d printer was caught by media outlets.

The Pyongyang Machinery and Technology Exchange ran the booth featuring the 3d printing information, which was meant to explain the technology to North Koreans.

North Korea 3D Printing

“This equipment divides a 3D digital copy of an object into many different layers and later structures the layers in a designated order to produce three dimensional solid objects. This equipment is used for producing precise casts or molds,” read the marketing material.

Analysts have pointed out that the 3d printer being used at the Pyongyang university is a rare example of a North Korean educational institutions trying to design and create products which can be marketed and sold to the general public.

In the picture of the MakerBot look alike, the Brooklyn based company's name is clearly missing on the machine and since ThreeD Materials is highly confident MakerBot doesn't have distribution setup in the Hermit Kingdom, we have to imagine the Pyongyang Machinery and Technology Exchange at Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering is using a replicated and unauthorized version of the venerable 3d printer.

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