Easy to Use 3D Printing Software Puts out New Release

Software designed to make 3d printing easier and accessible to users is invaluable as the technology reaches into more schools, homes and businesses around the world.

In a release today, Simplify 3D added dozens of new 3d printers, all compatible with it's software that allows users to manage and prepare their 3d prints, whether they have a top of the line desktop 3d printer or something a bit more entry level, all in once place.  

“Many of these machines come with different software programs, which can make the process of owning and operating multiple 3D printers difficult and time-consuming,” the company said. “These challenges are even more apparent for schools that provide training on multiple 3D printers, and businesses striving for efficient production across their entire workforce. Simplify3D solves this problem by providing a universal software solution that can communicate with all of their different 3D printers.”

The company's printer compatibility tool offers 3d printer users an easy way to check if their machine is supported by Simplify 3D, and based on our team's review of printers, there's a good chance yours will work with the software.

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