3D Printed Smartphone Case Turns Your iPhone into An Android Phone

Brooklyn based designer Nick Lee is at it again.

After hacking an Apple iWatch to run Windows 95 last year, Lee has now created a 3d printed smartphone case that allows iPhone users to run the Android operating system.

"As the electronic component of this project came together, one thing quickly became apparent: my original plan to gut a Mophie Juice Pack wasn’t going to work," Lee writes on his company blog.  "Knowing that, I shifted my focus to the production of a 3D printed enclosure for the electronics. Starting with absolutely zero 3D modeling or printing knowledge, I was up-and-running with SketchUp in a matter of hours. Rather than model the case from scratch, I used this excellent iPhone 6 Plus case model from Thingiverse as a base, making modifications as needed."

Lee says that he searched around for local 3d printing services in New York to make his prototypes for the smartphone case but "it became clear to me that (at $50+ per print) this would quickly become an expensive proposition, given the trial-and-error process I anticipated. Seeing no viable alternative, I bit the bullet and purchased an XYZprinting da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D printer."

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