Larger Footwear Retailer Invests in 3D Printed Shoe Startup

It seems the old kid on the block wants to be young again.

DSW, the larger footwear retailer because the lead investor in the most recent fundraising round for Feetz, a startup that 3d prints shoes for its customers.

“DSW is excited at the possibility of bringing Feetz’s innovative technology to our customers,”  Simon Nankervis, chief commercial officer of DSW Inc., said. “The Feetz model will allow our customers to purchase true custom fit shoes at a fraction of what traditional bespoke shoes cost. We believe that giving customers the ability to purchase on-demand, affordable, custom fit shoes has the potential to disrupt the footwear market as we know it today.”

3d printed footwear is something Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Under Armour have all experimented with, because the technology allows for customized shoes for you, your mother and your grandfather, using 3d scanning and printing.

Feetz currently offers to styles of shoe for their female customers and is launching a men's collection later this summer.


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