NASA Funded Startup Creates Way to 3D Print Pizza

In what some might call a story too good to be true, a NASA funded company creating food for astronauts on Mars has now invented a way to 3d print pizza.

3D Printing Pizza

Texas based BeeHex has developed a 3d printing process and mobile application which was initially funded by a $125,000 grant from NASA to create a way to make tasty meals for astronauts once they reach Mars.

Before Mars though, there are theme parks.  BeeHex told reporters its 3d printers could be positioned at large tourists destinations across the US in the coming years.  This would eliminate the issue of what our staff deems an issue which needs addressing: why limit the consumer to a small amount of pizza design options when they can have endless ones?

3D Printing Pizza

Like other forms of 3d printing, the company's technology creates just about any shape you can design, according to Leanna Garfield at TechInsider.  In this case however, the printer is sending out dough, tomato sauce and cheese instead of plastic, nylon or metal.


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