3D Print Your Chocolate With Wifi Enabled Printer

We've covered a good amount of stories involving 3d printing of food recently, but chocolate hasn't made the cut, until now.

The creators of Choc Edge, one of the world's first 3d printers made to produce chocolate shapes, has decided to give their customers a canvas and let them draw their own chocolate prints using nothing but their imaginations and a mobile app.

“Using a stylus the user can create a unique design in the app which can then be printed instantly," the company said in a release to journalists.  "To make it easier to create designs such as portraits, it is possible to add semi-transparent background images to make tracing easy,” the chocolate experts say. “Using single-line printing technology, the app is ideal for anyone who wants to create repeatable artistic chocolate designs.”

The company added wifi as well so you can send your creations to your 3d printer without having to connect it to a laptop or other device.

“This is great for users who wish to operate the printer via their computer in a kitchen environment where it might not always be convenient to use electronic devices like laptops. All future Choc Creators shipped will feature Wi-Fi connectivity,”

If you want your very own chocolate 3d printer, it will run close to $2700.

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