Chinese Doctors 3D Print Patient a New Sacrum

In Beijing last week, doctors at QingHua University 3d printed one of their patients an entirely new sacrum prosthesis, utilizing 3d scanning and printing technologies.

What is a sacrum you ask? The sacrum is the large wedge shaped vertebra at the lower end of the spine which supports the upper weight of your body.

3D Printed Sacrum China

The patient, a father of two, had a large tumor attached to his sacrum, which the doctors needed to remove and then replace.

The medical staff in Beiging scanned the patient with a CT thin layer scanner and then collaborated with their surgeons and 3d printing teams to create the custom artificial sacral vertebrae made of titanium alloy.  The new sacrum prosthesis needed to pass rigorous medical tests that would allow it to be inserted into the patient's body, and luckily for him it was.

According to the doctors at the hospital, the sacrum fit the patient's body perfectly.  The procedure took 10 hours to complete, with nurses changing their clothing three different times, and once the patient received his x-ray post surgery, it was confirmed the new sacrum prosthesis had been inserted perfectly.

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