3D Printable iPhone Case Gives Extra Edge for Pokemon Go

There seems to be nowhere safe from people trying to catch Pokemons using the virtual reality mobile app, Pokemon Go.  People descending onto streets, into cafes, parks and major historical sites.

Now, with the help of a 3d printed iPhone case, catching the little Pokemon monsters just got a heck of a lot easier.

pokemon go 3d printing

Designer Jon Clever uploaded the iPhone case, which allows users to more accurately throw Pokemon balls at the the Pokemon monsters, which in turn raises your score by catching more Pokemon.

The design can be found on 3d printing file library MyMiniFactory for those that want to go the extra mile.

"Is it cheating?, " Gizmodo asks. "Who cares? This isn’t a relaxing afternoon game of Scrabble we’re talking about. This is Pokemon Go One day elections will probably be decided by who leads the most gyms, and if you don’t start stockpiling your pocket monsters now, you’ll be a nobody in a few years."

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