3D Printed Car Platform Gets Large Investment to Focus on Asia

Yesterday we discussed a groundbreaking partnership in aerospace that could change where and how parts are made for one of the world’s leading airlines, using 3d printing technology.

Today we’re focusing on the automobile sector as the investment arm of one of Asia’s richest men pours millions of dollars into a company that allows automakers to extend fuel ranges, make lighter cars and decrease production costs with 3d printing.

The company is Divergent 3D and they are a great example of advanced manufacturing becoming hyper local around the world — in this case Asia — — using more advanced and less costly additive manufacturing technology. They’re also known for the world’s first 3d printed supercar, which was unveiled in the summer of 2015. In short, the platform can “quickly design and build new cars at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact of those produced in traditional capital-intensive factories.”

Kevin Czinger, CEO of Divergent 3D notes that the new investment in his company “enables us to continue our strong momentum by providing resources and relationships to bring our automotive manufacturing technology to as many automakers as possible, especially in China.”

Horizons Ventures led the new round of investment and is led by Li Ka-shing, a Hong Kong based investor.

“The time has come for a new model of decentralized car production that fosters pioneering car designs and lowers costs while alleviating environmental damage,” Czinger says.

The technology that lets automakers design and produce cars quicker and cheaper is not yet used at scale by the likes of Ford, GM or Toyota, but with investments like the one announced today — in the form of $23M — it’s not long before the design and production techniques of these companies undergo an element of change.

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