3D Printed Homes Just Became Closer to Reality

3d printed homes just took another step toward reality.

Austin, TX based ICON, a company specializing in the creation of homes using a proprietary mix of concrete and their very own large format 3d printer, announced the launch of it's 2nd generation machine, the Vulcan II on Monday.

“It’s four times as big, it’s twice as fast, and it’s going to start shipping to customers next month,” Jason Ballard, CEO of ICON said at their headquarters. “This is not science fiction, it’s science fact. The world you all have been waiting for is about to arrive.”

3d printed home icon

The City's mayor was in attendance and spoke about the reason he is excited about this technology being homegrown in Austin.

“Our most significant challenge in this city is affordability, we are losing community,” Mayor Steve Adler said.

ICON has partnered with New Story, a non-profit dedicated to advancing affordable housing around the world, to create cheaper homes which can be created significantly faster than with traditional methods.

“I believe in the next couple of years, you will see a 3D printed house with a for sale sign in front of it here in Austin, Texas, for sale for half price,” Ballard said.

The head of a local real estate development firm put it a different way.

"Our big announcement today that we’ve been holding back, Austin, that printer right there that is your printer dedicated to affordable, sustainable, resilient and beautiful housing,” said Bobby Dillard, founder of Cielo Property Group. 













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