3D Printed Selfie Coffees Coming to a Shop Near You

We write a lot of stories about 3d printing around the world.  Most of them serious, contemplating the way supply chains may change or the way militaries may leverage the technology to create new tools.
Today however, we're focused on a less serious item: 3d printed selfie coffees.
That's right.  Want a quote from your favorite writer splashed onto the top of your coffee?  Or how about your favorite actress's face in the mug? Or maybe yours?  No problem.
3d printed coffee machine ripple maker
The machine is called the Ripple Maker, and it's been purchased by restaurants and coffee shops in the United States, Singapore, Israel, South Korea and China.  
Customers simply download the app on their Apple or Android devices, upload the picture they want 3d printed on top of their coffee and voila.  Using a process similar to inkjet printing, coffee extract is used to create the symbols and words of the customers choice. 
3d printed coffee
 The machine was tested on Lufthansa flights and at Wimbledon to gauge customer interest before moving to the mass market.
"The full range of human emotion created in coffee, on coffee," writes Coffee Ripples, which owns the Ripple Maker..

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