3D Printed Shoes Come to DSW Stores

A few months after announcing a strategic partnership, footwear retailer DSW and the 3d printed shoe experts over at Feetz are bringing their technology in-store.

As of today, a New York based DSW is offering customized, 3d printed shoes inside the store - the same ones that Feetz has spent years trying to perfect.  A San Francisco location is expected to do the same in early November in a bold attempt at testing the viability of on-demand production for apparel brands and retailers at scale.

"By partnering with DSW, we have an amazing opportunity to bring the world of 3D printing to DSW's customers.  People will soon be able to see, touch and learn about how our 3D technology can personalize footwear and experience a product that is as good for you as it is for the environment," said Lucy Beard, Founder and CEO of Feetz.

3d printed shoes

As shoe brands continue to roll out limited edition batches using 3d scanning and printing, it's becoming a real possibility that making custom fit shoes for the same price, or less, as mass produced ones will become more common.

Experiments like the one being undertaken by DSW and Feetz will help retailers understand the potential and limits of 3d printing, as far as apparel is concerned.

"We are pleased to be the first to bring this new concept to the market," said Simon Nankervis of DSW Inc.

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