3D Printing and Manufacturing Firm Proto Labs Reports Earnings Thursday

3d printing and manufacturing firm Proto Labs will report it's 2nd quarter earnings on Thursday.  

Analysts expect the company to generate $77.2 million in revenue for the 2nd quarter, with earnings of $0.48 per share.

Zack's Research believes a strong management team as well as foreign currency and geopolicitical issues will have the biggest effects on the company's stock moving forward.

"Proto Labs’ efficient management and marketing team as well as its efforts for researching and developing new and improved products will prove beneficial, going forward, the research firm wrote yesterday.  "Also, various organic and inorganic initiatives are expected to enhance the company’s revenue-generation capabilities in the quarters ahead. However, the impacts of these positives are dimmed by the presence of some near-term headwinds."

"Financial performance of Proto Labs is highly correlated to the economic conditions in the U.S. and of the foreign countries where it operates," Zack's continued. "Though headwinds, including unfavorable foreign currency movements and uncertainties in some developed and developing economies have eased a bit, we believe that industrial products stocks like Proto Labs are still affected by them."

Proto Labs Stock

The firm, which is headquarted in South Carolina and has manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, is trading up slightly today, just before it reports earnings tomorrow before the market opens.



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