3D Printing Needs More Women

A new report focused on gender diversity in the growing field of additive manufacturing - otherwise known as 3d printing - suggests there's a great deal of work to be done to achieve more gender parity in the workforce.

Just 11% of the field's workers are female, a number that reflects a slight backtrack from 2017 when a study found that 13% of the workforce were women.

"There is a significant difference between the percentage of women in AM roles in large multinationals as opposed to start ups; often, the start-ups are founded by men or groups of men, based on their engineering knowledge, a field that is traditionally male dominated," the report, written by an industry group known as Women in 3D Printing, states.

3d printing gender parity

"There is a tendency that the first hires in these type of organisations are men, followed only by female hires at a later stage. Once the company starts growing, they realize the need for female perspective and dynamics."

The area where women represent the highest percentage of the 3d printing workforce is in marketing, where 40% of employees are women, according to the report.

"In order for females to become more attracted to the AM industry, which is still largely male dominated, companies should look to hire female managers and leaders to help attract these females to join the team," the report writes.












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