3D Printing Platform 3D Hubs Gets $7M to Build Distributed Manufacturing

One of the more well liked and useful companies focused on 3d printing received a shot in the arm today, in the form of a $7 million investment.

Amsterdam based 3D Hubs, which connects available 3d printers around the world - 32,000 and growing - to customers that want access to them, raised their Series B round of funding at a time when startups are having to prove a long term viable business model in order to receive money from venture capitalists.

“We’ve connected 3D printers from around the world to our online platform to let anybody access them,” 3D Hubs co-founder and CEO Bram de Zwart told TechCrunch. “So if you don’t own a 3D printer, you can go to our website and upload your design and we route your order to the best local supplier”.

de Zwart and his co-founder Brian Garret were working together at 3D Systems when they decided to start a business that they hope can democratize manufacturing around the world.  By making products as close as possible to the end user, advantages such as turn around time, eco-friendliness and cost stand out when compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Since the company has over 30,000 3d printers available on its platform, they also collect quite a bit of data on items such as people's favorite desktop and industrial 3d printers, filament colors and geographical interest in the technology.  They release all of this in their trends report guide.

European based EQT Ventures led this recent round of investment and 3D Hubs' previous investor Balderton Capital also took part.

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