3D Printing Software Firm Materialise Has More Short Sellers

Short interest in certain 3d printing stocks has declined as of late, but shorts of Belgian software firm Materialize are up heading into July.

According to numbers just published by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), total short positions of the company are up 1.89% from the previous month, to 189,000 shares.

When investors believe a company will drop in value, they borrow shares of that company, sell them at their current price with the promise that they'll buy them back for the issuer by a certain date at the price on that date.  If the stocks fall in value, they reap profits on the difference.

Materialise stock MTLS

Shares of the company are down nearly one percent at the time of this article's publishing.  Following a treacherous end to 2015, the stock has provided a 0.57% return to shareholders YTD, outperforming the NASDAQ overall by just over 2%.

Last week the company announced an update to its innovative modeling platform for medical models, Mimics Innovation Suite. 

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