3D Printing Stocks See Drop in Short Sellers

From time to time, ThreeD Materials like to cover the ups and downs of 3d printing stocks.  Since we're based in Manhattan, we inevitably get interest from readers and friends asking us about the performance of companies like 3D Systems, Stratasys and ExOne.

Well, after the recent acquisition by General Electric of multipe industrial 3d printing companies, it seems that the folks in charge of investing money have a brighter outlook for publicly traded 3d printing companies as short selling interest has dropped since the news.

When investors believe a company will drop in value, they borrow shares of that company, sell them at their current price with the promise that they'll buy them back for the issuer by a certain date at the price on that date.  If the stocks fall in value, they reap profits on the difference.  Inversely, if investors believe the stocks will rise in value, short interest will decline, which is what's happened recently with the companies below.  

1) Short interest in 3D Systems Corp. (DDD) fell by 2.4% to 26.56 million shares.

2) Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS) saw short interest fall by 2.6% in the last two weeks of August.

3) Short interest in The ExOne Co. (XONE) fell by 5.7% to 1.71 million shares.

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