3D Printing Stocks Up on General Electric News

Two 3d printing companies based in Europe - Arcam AB from Sweden and SLM Solutions Group from Germany - were purchased on Monday by General Electric for a combined $1.4 billion.  That news led to a bounce in the values of other 3d printing companies traded on multiple exchanges, along with the newly released PRNT ETF, made up of a basket of 3d printing firms.

3D Systems was up over 5.5% on Monday:

3D Systems Stock

Stratasys up over 3.5%:

Stratasys 3D Printing Stock

ExOne up over 5.5% on Monday:

ExOne 3D Printing Stocks

And PRNT, which includes holdings of multiple 3d printing firms - including both that were purchased on Monday by GE - was up over 5.5%:

PRNT 3D Printing ETF

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