Amazon Drones Need Protection from 3D Printing Hacks

Since the unveiling of a video last year showing a drone making deliveries, Amazon has received quite a bit of attention, including from the Federal Aviation Authority which plans to regulate the unmanned delivery vehicles.

Now, in the UK, Amazon has received permission to begin the exploration and development of drone deliveries across the pond.  A leading consultant in the software industry wants everybody to understand that with the advent of 3d printing, delivery drones need to be monitored closely.

“ They might look pretty innocent, but on closer inspection, what you find can be terrifying. Combined with 3d printing these can be easily configured and adapted into support any kind of use case,” Colin Bull of Software Quality Systems told the Irish Times.  “We have to take care. Falling in to the wrong hands, there’s currently nothing to stop someone flying a payload laden drone into a busy city or even airspace,” he said.

He emphasized that as this new technology is developed and implemented, it can resemble another unmanned aerial vehicle known not delivering packages of another sort.

“Putting it bluntly, these devices are in fact a flying payload system with the ability to deliver anything including incendiary devices or grenades in to uncontrolled airspace in the way that only Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) have been able to do in the past,” Mr Bull said.

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