Amsterdam Architects Build Microhome with 3D Printer

*All photos taken by Sophia van den Hoek and Ossip

Architects and designers have been building offices and homes, both large and small, using 3d printing, across the globe in recent years.

In the spirit of their city's design and progressive culture, Amsterdam based DUS Architects have 3d printed a microhome with reusable bioplastic, hoping to show off the capabilities for disaster relief and other efforts around the world needing temporary housing.

"3D printing techniques can be used particularly well for small temporary dwellings or in disaster areas," DUS told Dezeen. "After use, the bio print material can be shredded entirely and re-printed into new designs."

When the microhome isn't needed any longer, it can, in theory, be destroyed and the bioplastic can be reused for other projects.

microhome amsterdam 3d printing

DUS Architects is currently working on a 3d printed canal house along Amsterdam's famed waterways, which is considered one of the more ambitious 3d printing projects anywhere in the world right now.

At the microhome, a bathub was included just outside for visitors that want to "watch the sunset surrounded by waving poplar trees," according to DUS.  Inside the microhome, which is a total of 882 cubic feet, is a bed which folds into a chair, similar to microhomes in other cities where the beds fold into the walls to create more space when residents aren't sleeping.

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