Auto Giant PSA Set to Begin Testing for 3D Printed Cars

The partnership is described as decreasing the "

size and scope of our manufacturing footprint", according to Carlos Tavares, the CEO of French auto giant PSA.

His company, which owns and manufactures multiple auto brands, including Peuqeot, has decided to partner with a California based 3d printing company to begin manufacturing car parts and "overall vehicle structures" near Paris.  If successful, the company could reduce "car weight, cost, environmental impact and factory tooling costs", which would be a major long term advantage for the European automaker.

The production company from California, Divergent, has created what it says is “a software-hardware platform enabled by 3D printing that radically transforms the economics and environmental impact of designing and manufacturing complex structures such as cars.”

ThreeD Materials has covered similar stories in the past whereby automobile firms are utilizing new manufacturing capabilities available to them via 3d printing, to alter the way they make parts.

One such example is the use of Carbon 3D's relatively new technology to help Delphi prototype and manufacture parts faster and more efficiently.

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