Autodesk CTO Opines on 3D Printing Hype

As the maker of one of the most common design softwares for 3d printing, Autodesk has a unique perspective on the evolution of 3d printing in homes, offices and at schools.
It so happens that the company's Chief Technology Officer believes the excitement around the technology over the last few years failed to fully understand and acknowledge the lack of reliable turn key solutions for new users.
"Consumers prefer things pre-composed for us," Autodesk CTO Jeff Kowalski told reporters recently.  "They prefer to buy that end product instead of fiddle with each bit. It's why we still go to restaurants instead of cooking for ourselves all the time."
Kowalkski believes that while low-cost 3d printers lowered the barrier to entry for many users, those printers weren't made well enough to suit the needs of people that wanted a reliable, easy to use machine.
"It was really about expertise. There was a low skill barrier to entry but people quickly found that you get a low quality product as well."
3d printer filament
Our experience at ThreeD Materials has told a similar story. Customers come to us everyday to understand which 3d printers, materials and softwares are worth trying, and which will be a waste of their time and money.  
It's one of the many reasons we offer a complimentary 30-minute 3d printing consultation to schools, businesses and general makers.
Reliable 3d printers and educational packages ensure that our customers can get up and running with the technology quickly, reliably and affordably.

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