Best of the Week in 3D Printing: Adidas, Amsterdam and Nissan

Every Friday, ThreeD Materials picks 3 of the week's top stories from the world of 3d printing.  Here they are:

1) Nissan Replica Becomes Largest Object Ever Made with 3D Printing Pen

nissan 3d printing pen 3doodler

It is believed to be the largest object ever made with 3d printer pens.  It's name?  Qashqai.  The Japanese car maker Nissan used advanced 3d printing pens from 3Doodler to create a replica of it's hatchback car, the Qashqai, in life size...

2) Adidas to Open SpeedFactory and 3D Print More Sneakers in Atlanta

Atlanta 3d printing

Adidas took a massive step forward today toward producing their sneakers as close as possible to their customers, using 3d printing to cut down on emissions and costs while increasing customization options...

3) Micro Home Built in Amsterdam Could Be Future of Disaster Relief

microhome amsterdam

Architects and designers have been building offices and homes, both large and small, using 3d printing, across the globe in recent years. In the spirit of their city's design and progressive culture, Amsterdam based DUS Architects have 3d printed....

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