Best of the Week in 3D Printing: Security, General Electric and Star Wars


Every Friday, ThreeD Materials picks 3 of the week's top stories from the world of 3d printing.  Some that we published and some from other news outlets:

1. 3D Printers Need Better Security to Protect Intellectual Property:

In the years to come, 3D printing is going to be used for everything from helping create rocket engines to printing new heart valves. With those kind of high-stakes — and often highly-valuable –applications, it’s no wonder experts are concerned about the security risk posed by hackers.


2. General Electric Acquires Two 3D Printing Firms in $1.4 Billion Dollar Deal

Two 3d printing companies based in Europe - Arcam AB from Sweden and SLM Solutions Group from Germany - were purchased on Monday by General Electric for a combined $1.4 billion.  That news led to a bounce in the values of other 3d printing companies traded on multiple exchanges, along with the newly released PRNT ETF, made up of a basket of 3d printing firms. 


3. Star Wars Video Game Goes 3D...Printing

If you've ever wanted your own personal Star Wars ship or Starfleet, you're in luck.

The video game Star Wars Online, which allows their users to choose from over 400 Star Wars ships to command during the game, has partnered with Eucl3D, a company that provides video game collectibles using 3d printing.


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