Best of the Week in 3D Printing: UPS, New Printers and the 5th Circuit

Every Friday, ThreeD Materials picks 3 of the week's top stories from the world of 3d printing.  Some that we published and some from other news outlets:

1. UPS Expands its 3D Printing Service into Europe and Asia.

United Parcel Service plans to expand its 3D printing service to Asia and Europe, the U.S. shipping company has told Reuters, in a bid to fully embrace and get ahead of a trend that threatens to eat away a small but lucrative part of its business.

2. Robo 3D Releases 2nd Generation Desktop 3D Printers

We hear it all the time.  Customers ask us which 3d printer they should choose based on ease of use.  If the printer can be controlled via a wifi connection, a smartphone app, has self leveling capabilities and an easy to navigate color touch screen, it usually moves toward the front of the list.

3. Federal Court Upholds Ban on 3D Printed Guns on the Internet

National security trumps free speech.

That's the message from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals' decision yesterday to deny the appeal of a company claiming its First Amendment rights were violated when the State Department demanded they take down 3d printable files for a firearm.

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