Blackbelt Creates 3D Printer with Endless Length

There are a variety of projects going on around the world which are attempting to substantially increase the size of 3d printable objects.  
They include research for the auto industry going at Ford, using Stratasys technology, and a project undertaken by MIT researchers for the housing industry.
Then there's Blackbelt.  
Blackbelt is a 3d printer merged with a conveyor belt that creates 3d prints with unlimited length, and is small enough and affordable enough for smaller sized businesses and universities.
blackbelt 3d printer
As a single large print is being made, the conveyor belt moves, allowing the printer to continuously extrude layers of material horizontally.  The system uses interchangeable print heads, industrial linear guides, has a build volume of 13 x 13 x infinity (in) and a filament diameter of 1.75mm. 
Now size is important but it's not the only advantage.
blackbelt 3d printer
Since the belt moves during printing, the machine can make dozens or even hundreds of items at a time (see below).
blackbelt 3d printer
The company responsible for the Blackbelt will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to build more of their machines later this week.

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