Boston Musician Shows Skills With 3D Printed Violin

Not everybody understands 3d printing.  Music, however, is universal.  

Following their announcement in early August that the company received a $35 million investment to continue building state of the art 3d printers, Massachusetts based Form Labs created a complete violin using its Form 2 3d printer.

In a bid to test its functionality, they handed it over to Berklee music graduate and well known Boston subway musician Rhett Price.

“Of course it doesn’t sound like a Stradivarius — but it doesn’t cost millions of dollars either. It feels great, and intonation was spot on,” Price said. “Plastic doesn’t vibrate the way wood does, but they did an incredible job of making the walls of the violin thin enough to vibrate and create a good tone, while keeping it thick enough so that the plastic won’t warp or cave in easily.”

The violin created using a Form 2 desktop 3d printer was designed by Form Labs employee Brian Chan, with input from Price as the product development cycle moved along.

“I gave them input on what I thought would help the tone, weight, and volume of the violin,” Price said. “It certainly sounds better than any other 3D-printed instrument I’ve ever heard.”

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