Brazilian Man Receives World's First 3D Printed Face Transplant

After suffering through a vicious bout of cancer, 54 year old Carlito Conceiao has received the world's first 3d printed face transplant.
Conceiao had his right eye socket and part of his nose removed by doctors in order to save his life, and this past February, he was offered the pioneering surgery in Brazil, using 3d printing and free 3d scanning software from Autodesk to customize a new part of his face for transplant.
“I lost all my confidence and fell into a deep depression,” Conceiao said.  “I felt totally disfigured and looked terrible."
Dr. Rodrigo Salazar of Peru used Autodesk 123D Catch, a mobile phone 3d scanning app available for free, to take 15 photos of Conceiao's head, which were then turned into 3d models that were turned into molds using a 3d printer.
3d printing
Dr. Salazar noted the significance of creating Conceiao's new face with quicker and cheaper processes using 3d scanning and printing, instead of a “prostheses produced on state-of-the-art equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of pounds.”
“I was so impressed by the result of the new one,” the appreciative Conceiao said. “I cried when they fitted it.”

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