Bring Your 3D Printer Anywhere With Ultimaker's Backpack

Most 3d printers aren't so portable.  There are very small machines, like the M3D and the MP Select Mini, but these printers are limited in what they can do.  The real workhorses of the desktop 3d printing market - printers like the Lulzbot TAZ and Ultimaker 2 GO - can weigh upwards of 24 pounds, and that's without the filament needed to print.

So, the team at Dutch 3d printer maker Ultimaker came up with an innovative way to fix this problem, making a backpack that allows anybody with an Ultimaker 2 Go to take it with them to work, to a party or if you really want, to a wedding.  Pick you place.

The backpack is made up in large part from the foam box that the printer comes in originally, with the company adding straps that fit around the box and underneath your arms.

ultimaker 2 go backpack

"Whether you’re traveling by foot, bike or by plane, your Ultimaker 2 Go will arrive safely, giving you the flexibility to print almost anywhere," the company writes. "Once done, just pack it up, wear it on your back and you’re ready to carry on your journey."

All Ultimaker 2 Gos come with the backpack if the printer is purchased today, while if you purchase the printer after July 29, you'll need to pick up the backpack separately for $69.

3DPrinterOS, a software platform to manage 3d printers, has been giving classes in New York recently, taking their Ultimaker 2 Go with them, and according to company COO Aaron Roy, the backack “gives a peace of mind that makes me feel like I can move from place to place. The Ultimaker 2 Go looks like it is meant to be mobile, which is completely different than most 3D printers I’ve seen”.

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